Wednesday, 29 February 2012

He made a Joke and Life took it seriously..!! :P

  We should respect time, because time is one thing which plays an important part in our life. I understand this today.

                       Me and Nandan have been together for last 2 years. He was as mad for me as I was for him. Whenever we met and parted ways after our meeting he would drop me to my home.  He would come on a different vehicle but he came. I often told him,

“Nandan, what’s the use; you are just wasting petrol and also wasting your time.”

He would look at me and say,

                                  “Niyati, you are strange; you know very well how selfish I am. I don’t come to drop you for your sake. It’s because I can see you until the last moment, and this way I can remind myself to talk to you about anything I may have forgotten. As you know, when we meet I am either too busy staring at you or at other chicks to annoy you. So what I had in mind to say to you is only remembered while driving. So please don’t think to yourself I am so caring. I come to drop you till home for my sake.”

Furthermore he would tease me by saying,

“This way, by coming to drop you till home, I assure myself that you haven’t gone to meet any other guy.”

Then, he would give me a hearty laugh.I would reply by showing a disappointing grin on my face and say in an angry tone,


                    When we used to meet we were so busy laughing hard and teasing each other that after leaving we would recall what we had planned to say to each other. One special evening also passed doing this drama. We both kidult were enjoying each others’ company not far from my home. Nandan came to drop me home as usual and with his usual intentions to pull my leg he said,

“Niyati, now I will not meet you for a week, I am tiered of meeting you, and I think we have been having too many meetings lately”.

I also replied back jokingly,

“I too have no intentions of meeting an idiot like you and I also have many more important things to do than seeing you.”

 We both gave each other a mischievous smile and hugged each other and said goodbye.

“Catch you tomorrow morning.” He said in my ear.

“Okay, you take care of yourself”.  I said, hugging him tightly.

                 Every time he dropped me at my home and drove away, he would turn back to look at me again and I looked at him too. Those moments of trying to have some more glimpses of each other when separating was so intimate I cannot begin to describe it. May be this is love. A whole day spent together seems so short and we still demand for more.

I had bought a shirt for him, but helpless to my habits I forgot to give it to him. I thought to myself; what’s the hurry, I will give him tomorrow.

                But who knew the joke we had made that night was going to come true.The next week brought circumstances such that Nandan could not come to meet me at all. A day, then two and three days passed. On the fourth day I was panicking. He got busy serving one of the elder members of his family who was in hospital for the time. I could of course not force him to meet me. This was when I actually understood the value of time.

                  What a pity on us!!! All the time in the world that we get to spend together seems too little when the time is flying. We want more. Yet, we don’t know if our world is going to be same the next day or different!! We take all things for granted, even people.

                  But if there is a time when that beloved can’t meet us, is when we feel how important it is to have told him what was held in heart. Because when I was with him tomorrow was always there, so I used to think “oh, what’s the rush?” but when the time before meet is stretched is when we realize the value of time.

                   From this experience I changed my perspective to not ever take anything or especially anyone for granted. Because when that thing or person is gone or is no more and their time has finished, is when we will indeed regret the most in our life.

                 In our case Nandan could not meet me for 9 whole days. then finally we met.. :) as soon as I saw him, I jumped onto him to hug him. I looked in his eyes and slapped him softly with my love. I gave him the shirt. His face lit up when he saw it in my hands for him. He immediately pulled out a dairy milk chocolate bar for me. My favorite and he knew it.

He came to my ear and whispered,

“I missed you a lot.”

I could not help but weep with joy. So I said to him,

“Me too”

Going back to his routine mood he said,

“Oh you too. Means you also missed yourself?”

With a smile on face and tears in my eyes I only said  with an angry tone,

“Nandan, I missed you baby”.

(C) D!sha Joshi. :)
 thanks a lot for editing - Pooja Mehta. :)This is my 1st trial, please forgive me if i have made any grammatical mistake.. :)


  1. Beautifully written! Way to go!!!! I'll b looking forward to your posts!! Truthfully beautiful!

  2. adhir sir.. :) thank you so much.. :)

  3. Lovely dear... liked it a lot... :)
    yes we should and must realize the value of time... who knows, when we don't get time to see some ppl or do something impt in our life... thanks for reminding us :)

  4. @ saras : thanks a lot yaar.. :)

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  6. Rushi Ghadawala1 March 2012 at 22:51

    Very nice.. Keep it up!

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  8. ritoban sengupta10 March 2012 at 09:58

    Quite engaging and the philosophy comes out beautifully. How true it is that we underestimate the importance of time in our lives!

  9. A lot I would love to write here but still it will seem less.
    Wonderful! In my professional language Disha, as a feature writer and Pooja, as an editor can literally do amazing things...
    Jay Ho!!!!! :-)
    Kuldeep Laheru