Saturday, 26 May 2012

Your City ♥

My Love..
I came to Your city,
Though we couldn’t meet
It was quite pity..!
But I found YOU 
In Every corner of Your city.

I could breath your smell
In the air of your city,
I caught your glance
In that person with a kitty.

With every  passing  mile
I found your face smile,
In the sound of that crowd
Your cute laugh I found.

The garden, the lake,
The church and every place,
In each and everything
I found your beautiful face.

Those shops, those streets,
Those roads, those towers,
I found you everywhere 
every second, every hour. 

The city was beautiful indeed,
But something has added
more beauty in it.

It was not only a city
Having roads, temples,
People and buildings..

It was the city having
Your presence,
Your memories,
And lots of things
Relating to YOU…
And finally I realized that
Meeting your city
was not less than
Meeting YOU. 

(C) D!sha Joshi.