Saturday, 21 May 2011

Love knows

Love knows the happiness i feel with you,
I love you so badly and I have no clue..

Go ahead and and ask your soul,
You will come to know that each time
I feel your voice
I go from half to whole..
I feel you so far I feel you so near,
your smile is my heartbeat
I don't want it to disappear..
Love knows the Love I feel for you
I love you so madly and I have no clue..

The way you smile
The way you make my day bright,
The way you touch
The way you hug me tight,
I just want to tell you
these are all the things
I dream all day and night..
Love knows the pain I feel without you
yeah I love you so deeply and I have no clue.. <3

© D!sha

( all poems are sole property of Disha Joshi and any use in any form should liable to prosecuted.)

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