Thursday, 6 March 2014

55 Words Story.


She got ready for office, she saw the time in her watch, she flew in yesterday's memories, at the same time she was in his arms, she wanted to stop the watch so they can spend more time together, laughing at herself today she wishes that watch runs faster so she can meet him again...
Disha Joshi


There are some kinds of people who travel each and every corner of this city, they are flying, diving, traveling, and exploring the world.
I find myself different, I do nothing; I just sit in one of those corners of this city and dive into myself, traveling and exploring equally.
- Disha Joshi


Logged in. Logged out.
Logged in again, no message.
Sent a “:(“, he was desperately waiting for someone’s message.
He gave up, got up and put his laptop aside.
Suddenly, a chat box popped up.
Mom was there with the recipe of "Khichdi"
He thanked her, kissed her “:*” and ran to kitchen to cook some.

- Disha Joshi


Gifts have never thrilled me; I have always received so many expected gifts on my birthdays..!
But one day even though it was not my birthday, I met him on Face book, and as time passed by I realized that He is the Gift from the Universe, the gift for the lifetime - My Beloved.

- Disha Joshi


Niyati had lost her faith in God. She had failed in her final CA examination,she wrote a novel which wasn't accepted by any publications. She was about to give up, tied her dupatta with fan.
Suddenly her phone rang; "Unknown Number"
She picked up. God kissed her with news of her book's publishing.
- Disha Joshi


She has always asked daddy about that box and he has always told her that you'll know about this box soon. One morning he called Niyati, gave her that box telling this box contains our best time together for you to cherish for lifetime; kissed her forehead and took his last breath.
- Disha Joshi


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