Thursday, 25 August 2016

Surprise yourself.

Have you ever failed in your life ? One failure after the other and the cycle repeats itself again and again... it only gives pain..
Failure - if its not meant to be for you, just let it go. Don't gain pain by holding it so tight..It's just not meant for you so accept it.
Imagine yourself telling your family and loved ones that you have failed in your exams, One after another with no signs of bright future anywhere..
Its like mud in which you have been caught up so badly that you will get nothing and it will make yourself dirty and it will give you nothing but negativity...
But one thing that all these failures have taught me is how to be strong... Strong enough to decide to move on and not waste your time wrestling in the mud..
Move on.. there is something else for you waiting to get you to the successful life where you belong.
This thing is not for you.
Be strong and make a decision to move ahead.
Find a better way, try something different, choose another direction,
May be you will find your success where you have least expected it.
Life is full of surprises learn something from it and give yourself a surprise.
- Disha Joshi

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