Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Sweetheart why?
Why do you always have to be so fucking unsatisfied with your life?
Do you feel satisfied finding only unsatisfactory parts of life?
Or do you feel comfortable blaming everything on life or any breathable things?
Or don't you want to see any good or satisfying part of life or any breathable things..
You see! it's very easy to find faults in everything but it's very difficult to find strength or good things.
I hope you choose and take the difficult way.
I hope you find some good things in life..
I hope you find happiness in all those imperfect moments..
You have found thorns so there must be roses..
Can't you find roses?
Can't you see them?
Why do you always have to punish yourself?
Why do you always find something to torture yourself?
Please find roses!
If you find roses believe me life will add more roses to your garden..
I hope you understand that life and every breathable thing won't live or say or do as you please.
But in all those blemished parts of life you have to find beauty..
You have to live your life by understanding it or sometimes by not understanding it.
Find peace, find beauty, find the good.
You love yourself with every flaw.
Can't you do the same with your life?
Just the way you want to be accepted by  life..
Life also wants to be accepted by you.
- Disha Sawant.
14th November.2017

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