Monday, 16 July 2012


I get a chance to live you,
I get a chance to feel you.

You are that dream
which I desire to be true,
But not all our dreams
can be come true..

Oh beloved,
So what if you
cannot come true,
I will try my best
to be with you..!

Oh Dream,
I can't stop dreaming of you,
Like a beat and the heart,
How can We be apart?
You are me and I am you,
We are one
not each others part.

Now When I got a chance,
Let me dream you till the end,
Let me hold you in my hand,
Let me love you my love,
Let me do whatever I can.

After all the morning has to come,
And you have to go,
This is the only truth
about you I know.

Please do come back
in the night,
I swear
I wont fight,
I wont ask,
I will just do my task,
My task
To love you,
To dream you,
Trying to have you my love.

(C) D!sha joshi.
16th July, 2012.

Right now you are mine, my reality but morning has to come, and you will be the dream once again..! this is the only truth i know..
please come back to me in the night i wont ask you any questions, i will just do my task of loving you..! :D