Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Just like you can't escape the happiness you can't escape the pain..! you have to go through it, so why not go through it happily..? :D

there is nothing like practicality in love, there is only love...
there is nothing like compromise in love, there is only love..
there is nothing at all that matters in love but love and only love..!! ♥

Rather to be a beautiful girl, I would like to be a Beautiful Lover..! :D

Rather to be in a Relationship, I would like to be in Love..♥ :D

The definition of my happiness starts from YOU and ends with YOU. ♥

Commitments can be broken,
when made on papers or by words,
But Ours is the Commitment from Heart to Heart
It cannot be Broken until the heart burns..♥ :D

There is no age, no boundaries
No state, no countries
Lovers has only one world
Lover’s world
Where the world run by no rule
No condition but Love !

Love is something that has to be Lived,
and Life is something that has to be Loved..! :)

The safest place on Earth for me is your arms.. ♥ :D

YOU are my Favorite subject..! :P ♥

I want to drink your love like Wine
You are my love, and my Sunshine
Don't do anything to make me smile
Just love me the way you do
and the world is Mine. :D

अगर तू छोटा बच्चा बने तो,
तेरे लिए खिलौना बन जाऊं.
तेरी चाहत भले न बन सकूं,
दिलमें छुपाले एक कोना बन जाऊं.
हसता रहे तू यही ख्वाहिश है मेरी
तुझे हसाने के लिए क्या करू ?
तू कहे तो में एक बौना बन जाऊं ?

એના વગર તારું શું? એના વગર તારું શું?
એના વગર 'મારું' શું? અરે? એના વગર હું જ ક્યાં છું? ♥ :D

वो शेहेर तुम्हारे लिए सिर्फ एक शेहेर है,
मेरे लिए उसकी मौजूदगी ठहर ठहर है..  13-05-2012.

Love Blindly or Don't Love...! ♥ :)

 (C) D!sha Joshi.

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