Thursday, 11 October 2012

Give of yourself and you shall receive..! ♥ :)

              Niyati was crying on her bed in her room thinking, why after falling so deep in love she had to go through this? Why is it Nandan himself who cannot understand me? What’s the use? Thinking this, she was sobbing quietly.
         But this kind of problem that most of us seem to come across, may it be in work, in worship, or in daily life. We believe we are giving it our 100% yet we are hopeless. But are we really correct? How do we know that what we have given is our 100%? I went into Niyati’s room and saw her sobbing and asked her what had happened? She told me the whole story, I said to her now listen:
            Often it happens that we daily do prayers and do have full faith in lord but, at the same time we are doubtful whether do we really have full faith in lord? We are fond of telling others that we do so much such as, chant so many mantras so many times. Boasting ourselves is one joy we like. Because man has innate hunger for praises. He likes to be seen by others and complimented even on his worship. Then there comes a time when the same disciple is less focused on his worship and more on these praises. He starts pretending by the praises of the people that he is perfect and that his worship is 100%. But this is where we are mistaking. Your worship is not one or more persons accepting it, instead you accepting it. Just do it from your heart and is there a need to boast? We rather give our boasting time to our worship, then, we will have really given our 100%. This is when we shall be blessed for our worships.

                   The case is same with any job that we do. We often think that I studied with interest, and done my duty with hard work then, why do I still get a negative result? Well, the same problem.  The problem may be that we were so busy paying attention to our praises and when our ears are filled with words of our praises we often start believing that we are an expert at our job. This is when we fall from the category of superiority because our persistence to actually be 100% is limited. The solution to this usual problem is that we shall only speak that which is useful to others and immune ourselves to any praises.
               Niyati’s case was a similar too. Whatever the job may be, may it be professional success, education, worship or even love. Strange enough, but even in a blissful feeling like love the issue of ego still persists. Niyati and Nandan were both deeply in love with one another. But she should have rather experienced love herself than telling all about it to people around her. I told Niyati to learn from her Nandan. He would keep his happiness limited to himself. But Niyati, just out of joy liked to share with everyone else. Yes there is nothing wrong with sharing happiness, but when we hear from others praises like “wow you both are perfect for each other, so cute..! God bless you” that is when we start to walk off the ground. This is when we are less focused on loving the beloved and reduce to the expectations of the people.
                     In essence, praises are actually not needed at anything. I.e. by people accepting your love for the beloved the love is not rectified, by people accepting your worship, the lord doesn’t approve of it, and by people accepting your efforts you do not pass an examination.
                   Love is a mere feeling between the two. We can only receive true love from someone when we surrender 100%, in another words, give our mind, body and soul to the beloved without a return expectation. Lord Krishna says “to attain the other completely you first have to surrender yourself to that person.”Similarly, unless you engage in a job honestly you cannot expertise or succeed at it.
               Niyati looked at me as if she understood her weakness and drew two more tears from her eyes. She said she now understands where her love lacked. I consoled “your love was no less, but your attitude lacked.”I said you now need to love your Nandan in the same way you want him to love you. Because I know you are crazy for him and he just needs to see this. She smiled at me and said I will change my mistakes.  I was happy seeing her happy.
(C) D!sha joshi.


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