Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I Worship You.

There is no you, no me..
There is no yours, no mine..
There is only we and ours..!!

We are Equal,
We are Lovers...
We produce love from every phase of life.

We found love in happiness,
We found love in sadness..
We found love in quarrel,
We found love in jealousy,

We make love to that extent that
We become love itself.. 
We forget our ego..
We forget that we are different..

We start to look from each others eyes,
I want to be like you..
You want to be like me,
and thus We become One..

We become Love itself..
Now there is only soul in You and Me
That is the Lover's Soul...

We eat love, we drink love,
We breath love, we live love...
We can not see anything beyond the beloved..!

Love is beyond everything..
Love itself is God, God is love.
That's the only reason why lover
Worship their beloved..!
as I Worship YOU. 

 (C) D!sha joshi.

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