Saturday, 28 April 2012

Don't Worry.

To love you blindly
It is something
that comes natural
It is not in my hand,
My love..

Don't worry if
You can't love me back.
But let me love you
with whatever I have.

To love you,
To make you laugh..
These all have become
My Life
My Love...

But You..
You are a free bird,
You have all the freedom,
So don't afraid to be yourself.

Don't worry if
Someday by mistake
You give me pain,
It would be a gift for me.

I will keep it safely
in my heart.
I will be Satisfied because
It would be given by YOU..
It doesn't matter
whether happiness or pain,
I would have something
which belongs to YOU.
I will be Happy..

(C) D!sha Joshi.

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